Pastel Preconceptions

Ok the title really doesn’t explain what I was thinking, I was just determined to have a word that also starts with P. In the hopes of getting my creative juices/motivations flowing, I’m doing some “backlog” posts of projects/experiments I’ve done in the past. I have not yet found my “go-to medium”, though I had a lot of success with acrylics when I was much younger, and so most of my projects so far have been more experiment than project.

The one I’d like to feature today is a drawing done in pastels (the truthful part of the title!). I admittedly used a book to create this drawing, though I only followed it loosely. The importance for me was to have something to try and copy, and have a little direction on where to start. Figuring out where to start tends to overwhelm me and I end up never starting at all…

Anyway! The true start to this piece stemmed from Christmas and NYE (’15) at my mom’s house, where boredom and influence from siblings has always started my creative streaks! I think the eyes could have gone better, but I’m actually quite happy with the results! For a first try anyway… Sometime I’ll dig up my real first try on pastels from a few years ago (a hummingbird). So look out for that! 🙂


The in-progress shot.


In-progress + inspiration.


The finished version + book version.


Final, sealed pastel!

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