Winter Wine Fest ’15

So most of my current projects right now are centered around wine bottles. Specifically wine bottle lights. The idea came about at the Winter Wine Fest ’15, which is a Minnesota Grape Growers association wine festival (part of the Cold Climate Conference) showcasing local wines made from local grapes. Pretty much the entire event is filled with vendors giving you unlimited wine samples, but there are a few other vendors with snacks or wine related items. The most notable one (for me) being a booth selling decorated wine bottles with christmas lights inside.

I attended the event with my boyfriend, a few girl friends, and surprised my mom with it as well! She is the one who looked at the bottles and said “you could do that” and near the end of the event walked around collecting empty bottles for me. The vendors were all very eager to not have to carry them home.


Mother – Myself – Boyfriend who goes by the name of Sam.


Some friends and I.

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