Fairies and More

I’ve been slow moving lately, starting with the election last week. I voted early, on Monday, which took most of my evening. Then, along with the rest of the world it seems, had a hard time focusing on my normal life and to-dos for the remainder of the week. Ending the week with a nice bout of food poisoning putting me out of the count Saturday, I didn’t get as much done as planned, creatively. I am writing this blog post, not to highlight my reasons for delay, but to acknowledge them and move on. As well as to highlight my creative “wins”! I have finally pulled together many of the pieces I have been working on for my Etsy shop and gotten quite a few more listings up! Most of these are completed wine bottle lights, and some are “custom” listings ready for request. Check them out if you aren’t sure what I mean 😉

I’ve also completed a project worth posting on my portfolio! That is where the fairies come in. For that story, and more pictures of the project, go ahead and take a peek! You know you’re curious!


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