Purple Fairies

Back when Sam and I were first making my fairy gardens (version 1.0 which is long gone by now), I got a tiny little fairy, which I intended to paint right away. Over a year later, and here we were! One tiny little all white fairy sitting in my fairy garden, now at version 3.0 at least. So, I mustered up some motivation and painted her! I (of course) had gotten too much paint on my pallette for just the little fairy, so while I had the paint out and about to wasted I decided to paint a picture as well! I wouldn’t say I’m horribly proud of the picture itself, but proud of the step I took to just go ahead and make it. I am moving forward in my post college life, and slowly-but-surely getting to be the creative person I so want to see myself as.


The little fairy and her painting friend. Done with acrylics on what I believe was a loose sheet of watercolor paper… 🙂


The fairy herself. She has been sealed (I chose water based acrylics for her colors, as it is what I know best) and placed into the garden! No longer a boring white reminder of my crafting to-do list.


The little fairies back. less exciting but still a part of the project.

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