Hello Again World!!

My life for the past 8 months or so has been, well, life. I set up this website in the hopes that it would give me some sort of accountability (to myself) to accomplish tasks that no one “needed” me to do. I wanted something to show for the times after the work day was over. While I was basking in the glory of “I never have to take my work home. I am no longer in a state where I should always be working on something for school.” (Which by the way is still what I tell people when they ask how post-grad life is / if I miss school.) I wanted to make sure I felt like I wasn’t wasting my life away in a pool of netflix and afternoon cat cuddles (though occasionally that doesn’t hurt!).

Anyway. I started off strong and life handed me a few battles. I succumbed to the couch life until I could get out of a bad living situation. I definitely recovered from my slump quite rapidly once the move happened, but after the initial great leaps and bounds back to feeling like my normal self, the last little bits are the hardest. I am an engineer and so of course this brings to mind something technical. I just realized I am following the 80-20 rule:

80% of the progress can be tackled with 20% of the work — but that last 20% of the progress requires 80% more work.

Anyway. I sat down to make some lemon balm cordial, which I’d been putting off for over a month for some reason (that 20% holds the motivation for my projects apparently); and suddenly remembered that I have a website! And that this would make the perfect post to get back into it! The reason for the lemon balm cordial project is an excess of lemon balm, and explained in the project post here.

I must say I’m quite proud of myself for this. Moving back into sharing what I’m working on implies that I will keep working on things! If my next post ends up being much too long from now, so be it, but I’ve at least made the first step. (Again… It kind of feels like I’m repeatedly making first steps to my goals… But at least they’re being made!)

Watson is here to cheer me on every step of the way.



Well actually he is just trying to make a mess and vying for attention while I precariously pour vodka from one bottle to another. But still. Hes literally by my side always. Photo for proof taken right after I typed that sentence. Note the computer screen glow. 😉 (and not the mess… baby steps!)


My sidekick and constant companion. Burmese are known to be quite needy for their owner’s attention; and I don’t mind it one bit. 

Anyway. Here’s to more posts, because here’s to doing more worth sharing! Cheers!

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