Black (or Brown) Cat

I have a black (technically most people would call him chocolate brown, but I think it depends on the lighting) cat. His name is Watson. I met him and decided I wanted him when he was a tiny kitten, still living with his mother (tail pictured in upper left corner of the drawing). The woman who owned the mother took a picture of him for me while I was still waiting to get him, and I decided to try and draw it. The result is what you see here! You also see here a sleepy version of Watson asleep on the kitchen rug, taken today (he is 2 and a half now).

The image was drawn using the same hand made charcoal as the Orchid (resulting from playing around with a chopstick and a candle…) and I thought it was a fitting medium as it was lying around, and it matches his fur!


Charcoal drawing of my kitty from when he was a tiny baby still living with his mom. That’s her tail in the upper left corner.


My kitty, Watson, asleep on the rug in the kitchen, today!

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