Fairy Gardens

Two different women have separately introduced me to one of my current obsessions. (I hate to use that word but it’s definitely a correct identifier… Passions? Anyway, moving on.) They both became big parts of my life after I left home and came to college at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities; my aunt and my boyfriends mom.

The aforementioned passion being fairy gardens. I’ve had a few throughout the last year or so, one of which changed drastically when I went on a trip to Europe and left the garden with my boyfriend. My birthday was over the trip, so he decided to replace the plants (not to take away his credit) that died under his care and give me a much more full garden with a house and everything! It has since seen better days, but its current state is shown in my picture here. The one which is doing MUCH better is a honey bee themed one I made entirely by myself.


Honey bee themed garden. He’s hard to see in this picture, but on the bottom left is a sleeping gnome who is supposed to be selling the honey! 🙂


Both gardens together. The one on the right could use some work. I let mint overtake the other plants and haven’t confirmed the sweet smelling weed is gone yet.

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